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http://www.rafiqsonsonline.com..../product-category/ca Moov Now is our favorite Device because it gives you the option to track and get the opportunity to train in several modes and training levels at a high level of consistency.

We love him for being able to track running and swimming, but he is also great for indoor cycling. Especially if you have a Moov Sweat HR tracker to combine with this tracker to improve data accuracy.

Once you have placed the sensor around your ankle, as you do to track your mileage, it can be used for high intensity interval training, where it will tell you to increase the frequency or intensity so that you can comfortably get to the next target zone.

We used it very often, and this will really help you get the most out of your classes in the gym. It also uses a standard “tablet” battery, so you won’t have to change it for at least six months.

Wrist heart rate monitors aren't the biggest when it comes to accuracy, but TomTom Spark 3 is the most reliable one we used and we think that it will become a good partner.

It can be paired with a cadence or speed sensor to record indoor cycling data along with your heart rate data. The screen is beautiful and large, and the user interface means that you can quickly figure it out if you get into the right areas.

There is also a built-in music player, so you can take Bluetooth headphones and leave the phone in your locker.

Take a look at our TomTom Spark 3 in-depth review to see what we squeezed out of a multi-functional sports watch. Keep in mind that TomTom has officially left the wearable device industry, but you can add this training data to many third-party fitness apps.

There are tons of yoga app apps for the Apple Watch, while fitness trackers from Fitbit like this offer limited support for yoga tracking. So if you want something designed for yoga, these smart leggings may suit you.

Smart pants X Nadi X and Pulse are a line of yoga clothing that responds to your body. They are embedded in technology that senses how you move and uses tactile vibrations to adjust your movements.

So, for example, if your sensors around your hips or knees are turned off, the vibrations there will signal to you that you need to pull yourself up or move in a certain way. Everything is synced from your iOS or Android smartphone, and the pants basically work on their own.

Clothing is available in four sizes and four colors - midnight, gray, black and white and dark gray.