R. Kelly's Mind

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It's telling him no, but his body is telling him yesssss.

There are, of course, the standard categories: the defenders, the condemners, and those savoring the schadenfreude as is their (our) wont.

Among those are subcategories.

Among the defenders: the true believers, equivocators, there but for the grace of God (or betrayal of a lover or associate) go I's, the racially obsessed or deranged (what about the whites!?), the reflexively misogynistic (those lying whores waited!) and the always-with-us conspiracy tinfoilers that believe it's all a distraction from...something or a scheme to take him down borne from the mind of an ex or other enemy.

Among the condemners, there are: the#metoo crowd, feminists, those accused of domestic abuse that seem to want to use this as their bizarre redemption (like Avenatti) and those tired of what appears to be the unwavering conviction of obvious liars.

I'm the latter: annoyed at the lying. Obviously, SOMEONE is lying and while it seems evident that Robert is the one doing so, the cacophony of claims and counterclaims and specific allegations and pointed denials has grown beyond tedious.

The Gayle interview succeeded mostly in branding THE GAYLE INTERVIEW. The interview actually begins with an ad for the interview. It's choppy. Cuts are repeatedly made to overlay observations or show pointless perp walk footage rather than just airing a meaty, uninterrupted interview. For example, in the voiceover mention is made of Kelly's marriage to Aaliyah but he's never asked point blank if he had sex with his then-wife.I would've thought that would be the first question.We're supposed to believe that he didn't consummate that marriage, despite being nullified afterwards?

He'll likely be convicted this time given the change in the culture: we're in the TIME'S UP era and they'll just have to make sure his mug is clear on the tapes this time.

But what's most aggravating is the fact that nobody ever fesses up. Ever.

Everyone is lying, according to him. Everyone. The truth is either that everyone is lying, or he is. Someone get me Occam's Razor. This bullshit needs a shave.

What Kind of Fool?

But what fascinates me is this: what kind of mind chooses to go on national television and lie, if he's lying? Loudly and bombastically and defensively and self-righteously. Holy frickin' shit.

I'm also surprised by her peers who said they were scared for her because of his volatility. Have these people never seen or even imagined what a meltdown looks like? He's an angry man. Big deal.His anger struck me as typical of that kind of person: one who is genuinely innocent or else guilty and trying to create an impassioned swerve.

Overall, he seems to genuinely not see the problem. He must have normalized the behavior and lost his social moorings somewhere between consensual bondage fantasies and abusive behavior and crime. There's nothing illegal or immoral or unethical about consensual abuse and bondage, etc. I hope that goes without saying. And anyone that is allowing someone to hogtie them, dictate their movements and eating schedule without being physically restrained is either brainwashed or consenting in playing out a fantasy. One can also brainwash oneself. Go to any AA meeting.

And then there's the parents. Anyone that would take their young daughter into his vicinity is willfully blind or greedy, as two of his current girlfriends claim about their parents. Of course, they would say that. So that proves nothing. But the general idea of human beings being manipulative? Yes. Kelly isn't the only human being in this story. And any injustices done towards him, and I'm sure there have been some by someone in some way, are likely to be what his mind sinks its achors into.

In fact, the biggest takeaway thus far is simply this: either he's rightfully and tearfully upset at the false accusations that have now caused him to be unable to earn a living, or that outburst yelling about how he cannot have a relationship with his children is evidence of a narcissism and victim card playing so breathtaking as to be one of the most epic ever recorded on film.

She had a great opportunity to go into detail with him about being the "king of his household" and what that means but she stuck to her planned questions instead.

And here's what we all know for sure: there are lying liars that are lying. But who? It's tiresome.

If you want to see a far more effectively revealing and confrontational interview (although perhaps the tears and histrionics are equally revealing) check out this interview instead:

In fact, her take on Gayle's interview is also interesting and it's right here.