Scream your ground

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Senator loudly defeats her own argument.

This has been going around.

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A screaming State Senator from Arkansas tries to bully everyone in the room with her volume and manner, while discounting anyone else's worries about their own children by claiming that only black folks have to worry about their children's safety.

She screamed that open carry is bullying, presumably only when in the hands of whites.

The irony? She doesn't seem to see the parallel between acting loud, boisterous and threatening in what is supposed to be a place of decorum with the behavior of those that get shot for acting the same way.

She is literally modeling a form of behavior that is likely to be the actual cause of her son being shot: behaving in a loud, threatening manner.

It's not guns, it's you.

Those statistics at the end of the video conveniently leave out the fact that juries, presumably mixed race, decide that such shootings are disproportionately justified when it's white on black.

Instead of summarily giving in to confirmation bias and concluding that's more evidence of a corrupt justice system...but somehow not of the black jurors...perhaps consider that it's evidence of who is habitually behaving in a manner that justifies being shot.