The Amazing Lucas got it wrong

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A guy I agree with on most things provided no reasoning for his thoughts on transgender issues in children.

This guy is wonderful. I discovered him recently while looking for more of those rare birds: pro-Trump YouTubers that are hip and witty and articulate. His general posture is similar to that of a comedian's: find stuff to comment on that seems so self-evidently absurd that he can just, in effect, pile on and amuse us (and himself -- the fact that he laughs so easily is part of what I find charming) with all the fuckery going on out there.

And I agree there's a lot of fuckery going on out there. I'd even go so far -- as I said in a comment I posted to his video on the subject -- as to agree that there's a lot of fuckery as it relates to the trans subject nowadays. It's literally becoming trendy to advocate for the most marginalized thing you can possibly think of. The more marginal, the better. I suppose there's something noble about that impulse to include everyone, particularly those that at first appear to be the most outlying cases. And yes, I think that blindly accepting what a child says about their gender at any age is foolish. 

But there's accepting and then there's blindly accepting. Lucas seems to have gone to a place of not accepting the notion at all, or even understanding the notion, that sexual orientation (which actually came up at the end) and gender identity are by definition not things about which one "decides" at all. They are facts. One is straight. One doesn't "decide" to be straight. If one is straight, then that's just a fact and it was true at all ages. (Whether one chooses to engage in straight or gay sexual behaviors or traditionally male or female presentations is another matter). 

What I find bizarre is this notion that nobody can be transgender. Why not? Yes, too many people are claiming it as a fad. But there's no such thing? Really? With all of the infinite variety in nature and in human beings in terms of hormones, chemistry, and even biology sometimes (hello hermaphrodites), the mere IDEA that someone's gender (their subjectively experienced gender identification) might not match their biological sex is this hard to grasp? Why wouldn't that happen in nature?

Yes, I think it's exceedingly rare. And yes I think the media is making it trendy and that's annoying. But when Lucas compares trans identification to identifying as an automobile, he's just being dumb. That isn't an argument and I have yet to hear a good one from anyone on this subject that is "against", against other people in the world identifying themselves as they understand themselves.

Admittedly, in this instance Lucas is referring to children that Theron adopted so he can claim concern for the children (and he does, saying they should be taken away from her) and then for bonus points he even gets to play the race card (which is truly pathetic coming from him) and says, almost under his breath, that "turning out our" black boys is terrible. Turning out, of course, typically being a term used to refer to "turning" someone straight into a person that will do gay sexual activities ("trade"). 

I do like that Lucas speaks freely and consequently in instances like this a little sloppily; but "duh!" was the only argument he gave for the idea that it is impossible for a child to be trans and to have always known that. At 3 years of age, the child apparently made the claim about their gender. If the child is not trans, then that statement means nothing. But if the child is trans, then that statement is very telling. Notice how I am not saying that the statement MAKES the child trans. What I'm saying is that there is such a thing and while Theron mentioned that statement (presumably as PART of a wide range of behaviors that she is taking into account), she did so to add it to the overall assessment and obviously she's presumably doing what she thinks is best for a person that is already trans.

If she's mistaken, then she's being very weird with this little boy to appease her own trendiness. But if the boy is in fact trans then she is being incredibly supportive. And no, the child isn't going to "decide" later as an adult if they are trans or not. They either or or they aren't and if they are, then they always have been. Including, yes, at age 3.

The issue of trans individuals is complex and while I think all things are appropriately targets for humor, I hope that Lucas is at least aware that mental conditions vary in human beings and that being homosexual for example was considered DOCUMENTED MENTAL ILLNESS. 

Maybe he thinks it still should be. But I would like to think not. And if not, then I'd like to know what the principle is that distinguishes that from those identifying as trans.

Speaking of gay: does he know he's a huge crush of the gay community? The boy is hot. OH MY GOOOOODNESS! LOL

World Of Muscle Men 4 yrs

I think in another video he said that he doesn't mind if there is a gay superhero or a gay character in videogames, just as long as it isn't pandering. I feel like he is, at heart, a rather decent guy. I actually have more of an issue with his comments section than I do with him. The way he talks he comes off somewhat like a slightly more...hmmm...less problematic Tommy Sotomayor. I feel like Lucas was brought up around a lot of ignorant black people and poor excuses for men (hence his alpha image) and seems to hang around more conservative white people (which I can't handle in comparison to conservative black people). When you hang around a certain group of people your vocabulary and tone changes to accommodate those around you.I do wish that more people on the left would challenge some of his ideals in an intelligent way instead of showing their ass. Like I said earlier I think his comments section is more toxic than he will ever be. And yes this man is a WHOLE SNACK WHEW!!!! He did a double bicep in one video and I damn near fainted (One of the men in his comment section said he had been waiting for that)