Review: All Eyez on Me

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A friend of mine is in it, and he gets to flip Tupac off...

Saw the Tupac flick, it’s not as bad as many that have seen it are saying; the timeline, transition edits and voiceover for Snoop were bad but the acting was fine, the cinematography was fine, there was really nothing much to complain about. The scenes are a bit rushed but that’s because they were trying to get everything in and even then it ran to two and a half hours.

Perfectly fine for those that weren’t alive at the time, that deify him. For the rest of us, it was just fine although not transcendent unless you’re a mark for the ghetto gospel and black empowerment gimmick. Otherwise, you’d just see a movie perfectly worthy of its subject which is that of a kid born to a black supremacist bank robber turned drug addict that turned into that which he criticized and a rapist to boot…or a symbol of empowerment and revolution that was cut short before he would’ve changed the world.

That depends on your politics, of course; what’s not questionable is the unique artistic voice, tragedy, and lost young man humanity. As with most things though, critique of the film will be confused with critique of the man and with the entire so called gangsta rap ethic which is ultimately what may have killed him.

The racial overtones are obvious and a bit cartoonish with your typical greedy white executives and sellout Uncle Toms, etc.

As to the actor himself, I think the physical similarity is striking and his work was good.

The Snoop casting could’ve been better.

All in all, this is like the Madea movies in that it’s for the fans of Tupac and not the critics.