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Yes, yes I know. Fuck you too. Burden of fucking proof, please.

Just in case there might ever be the slightest chance of me being elected to anything, let me put an end to that right here and now: I don't give a fucking fly or a flying fuck if Kavanaugh raped that lady named after a car. Fuck Chrysler too. I DO NOT CARE.

He was a 17 YEAR OLD CHILD. I am constantly bombarded by the notion that all 17 year olds -- particularly African-American ones that assault police officers between store robberies -- are, after all, JUST MISGUIDED CHILDREN. They are in need of love and a hug and that's why they are TRYING TO KILL THE POLICE OFFICER. Also: Emmett Till. Or something.

What a drunk 17 year old did or didn't do to a 15 year old FIVE THOUSAND YEARS AGO WHEN THEY WERE BOTH KIDS is less than irrelevant to me. Maybe he did hold her down while drunk. Walk it off, lady. This notion that people are DESTROYED by traumatic events like their dog died, they were molested, looked at the wrong way, mounted, molested, etc. has run its course. Life is not one moment. If it happened, TOO FUCKING BAD GET OVER IT ALREADY!

I know, that sounds insensitive and that's only because it is. In a world where people have to walk miles and miles for water, balance IKEA furniture on their head in the deep jungle, and tiger maul locals year-round, I am not intereted in some womean who cannot keep that stupid lock of hair out of her dumb face while she tries to act disinterested in the proceedings except insofar as to "SPEAK HER TRUTH." 

That expression LITERALLY implies that the truth is subjective and therefore more important than anything objective.

And in so implying, it is truly the perfect expression for the modern-day world: Everything is subjective and everyone's "truths" are equal to everyone else's even if it isn't true. 

Will SOMEONE, ANYONE go shove a dildo down this woman's throat while she gags? Thanks.

The partisans have to play this game of parsing and tweaking and half-stating their view. I'm far beyond sick of this. Here's my take: let's assume he did it and they were both teens. I DON'T CARE. It's irrelevant to anything. Plus, everyone raped everyone in the 80's.

Ah, good times...